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The Top 10 Challenge

Above are my top ten favorite game of all time. I have designed a challenge to deep dive into each one of these games further than I have before. I am going 100% and attain a top 10 speedrun for each game. Click on any of them to see my given progress and special information about each game!

CastleVania in Time for Halloween!

I've been playing through CastleVania Harmony of Dissonance, which is just as fun as I remembered. I love the range of abilities they allow you to use; it allows for a lot of the boss fights to be gimmicked into oblivion, but you still need to think up a strategy for each boss so it's a fun set of mechanics. I never finished this game (I didn't even get halfway through) and I can see why, the amount of backtracking is INSANE. This is especially terrible when you don't really know where you're going. I didn't want to resort to using a gameFAQ guide, but I had to. I got utterly lost about halfway through the game.

Getting lost can still be exciting thanks to the excellent art and variety of enemies to find. I love the art in this game! The amazing pixel art coupled with the unique boss design makes for some great things to look forward to.

Finally, Content!

This marks the first thing on my neocities page that is original and exclusive. This is the start of a whole new digital adventure that I am embarking on. I have big plans for this section of the site. I hate to admit it, but gaming has been a big part of my life; I want to reflect that within this site. I am going to try and display how much each of my top 10 favorites has has impacted my life and creative taste through each of their respective pages. I am most excited for this project because it is a huge excuse to revist my favorite games and take a deeper dive into each one of them. I am also going to blog on this main page about any other notable games I play besides the top 10, so look out for that aswell (follows are always appreciated).